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Opals are found in various locations around the world, but some of the most significant and well-known sources include:

1. Australia:

    - Australia is one of the largest producers of opals in the world. Notable opal fields in Australia include:

     - Coober Pedy (South Australia): Known for white opals.

     - Lightning Ridge (New South Wales): Famous for black opals.

     - Queensland: Produces boulder opals.

2. Ethiopia:

    - Ethiopia has become a significant source of opals in recent years. The Wollo and Mezezo regions are particularly known for producing high-quality opals, including precious and fire opals.

3. Mexico:

    - Mexico is known for its fire opals, which have vibrant orange and red colors. The state of Querétaro is a notable opal-producing region in Mexico.

4. Brazil:

    - Brazil is another country that produces opals. The Pedro II area in Piauí is known for white opals, and the Quixeramobim area in Ceará is known for black opals.

5. United States:

    - Opals are found in various states in the U.S., with Nevada being particularly notable for producing precious opals.

6. Other Countries:

    - Opals are also found in other countries, including Hungary, Honduras, Indonesia, and Slovakia, though the quantities and qualities can vary.

It's important to note that different regions produce opals with distinct characteristics, and the type of opal (white opal, black opal, fire opal, etc.) can vary depending on the geological conditions of the specific location. But, More than 90% of the opal demand in the global market is fulfilled by Australia, as it is most durable opal stone. You can buy Natural & Authentic Australian Opals from us with full trust.