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Australian Opal Prices in India

Australian Opal Prices in India

We all know that opals are the most priceless thing which mother earth gifts to us. Australian Opal prices in India are totally depends upon its color, transparency, luster, cut, and finishing. These gemstones are one of the rarest and most valuable things in this world. And because of this, these are highly expensive in the market.

Better will be the fire of Australian Opal, higher will be the rate. The original & unheated Australian opal stone with fire price range starts from Rs 900 to Rs 40000 per carat according to its quality. It fully depends on the size, shape and also your requirement. An Australian opal can cost Rs 700 to Rs 40000 per carat

The identification of real opal is that it should contain the fire. If the fire is not present in it then it may be synthetic or non-gem quality. The opals should not contain any cracks or stains as it indicates that the stone has lost its moisture content and it can start losing its shine and can eventually break.

So you should be very careful before buying it. But to provide you the 100% natural and original opal gemstones, we are always here for you. We are serving you a huge variety of premium quality opal gems on our website sevenopal.com in world class AAA grade premium Hong Kong cut and polish. You can buy it from here at a very reasonable price. We assure the best quality and quantity of the product.