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Benefits of Wearing Opal


Opal stone Astrological benefits

Opal gemstone is a slightly translucent gemstone. Opal is the gemstone for Venus. Wearing Opal brings love and happiness in life. Opal benefits are numerous.

Opal gemstone was formed many years ago in cracks and spaces by the combination of silica and water. It is the colorful of all the gems and the play of iridescent colors makes it more beautiful of all the gems.

Opal is found in many colors, but the most common ones are white, grey, pink, slate, olive brown, and black. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia.
Opal is the birthstone for the people whose Venus is strong. Opal benefits the people who are in the profession of dairy products, tourism, hotel, art and craft, cinema, movies, romance, and dating.

• Opal brings originality and increases dynamism. It aids in expressing one’s true self.
• Opal sharpens traits and brings characteristics to the surface.
• Opal benefit as it heals the earth’s energy field. It increases the positive flow of the earth’s energy.
• Opal shows the emotional state of your past and also heals it.
• Opal brings loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity. It also removes fickle-mindedness.
• Opal is a protective stone and protects one from venturing into the dangerous places.
• Opal strengthens the will to live. It treats Parkinson’s disease, infections, and fevers.
• Opal is a seductive stone that intensifies the emotional state and releases inhibitions.
• Opal checks the insulin, eases childbirth and alleviates PMS.
• Opal is beneficial for eyes, especially as an elixir. It treats eye problems.
• Opal resonates with the sacral chakra and the reproductive organs. It is useful for releasing sexual tensions.
• Opal aids in cleansing and activating the base and sacral chakras. It imparts a feeling of being centered.
• Opal opens to new impressions and encourages openness to others. It helps to observe the world with new eyes.
• Opal increases the personal power, awakening inner fire and a protector against danger.
• Opal is a mood stabilizer; it connects the base chakras with the crown, enhancing the meditative experience.
• Opal is the gemstone for Venus and brings love, romance in the life of the wearer.
• Opal teaches that the body is a temporary vehicle for the soul.
• Opal promotes tissue regeneration and heals blood disorders. It also releases muscle and spinal disorders.
• Fire Opal resonates with the abdomen and lower back and the triple burner meridian.
• Opal is a stone of love, romantic relationship. Opal also helps to get the worldly comforts of life. Opal can solve various problems associated with the various aspect of life.

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